do you ever get weirded out by the fact that everyone around you is constantly within their own mind and thinking a million secret thoughts and battling internal struggles just like you and that you’re not the only one who thinks these things and that the people around you aren’t just faces meant to fill up your life but they’re actually really deep people who have a lot more to them than you ever actually even think about

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I woke up like dis………. at 4 pm. 😳
Earlier. 💗 💗 💗
I can’t sleep cause it’s 4am & my Lovatics are chanting my name… So I look out at THIS… GET OUT OF THE STREET!!
"Baby… I just got my lips done!!!" 😂😍😊😘 lookin’ good …. wvalderramaa😝❤️
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Anonymous: BABYYYY HIII :))



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Anonymous: Ed Sheeran says that he is a Lovatic! What do you have to say and do you consider yourself as a sheerio? (I believe this deserves 2 gifs because Ed is amazing and you are freakin' amazing and I need a collab from you two)

Yay thats amazing!!


And yes, Yes I do. He’s such an incredible and honest artist and I would love to collab with him. Ive been listening to the mashup of both of our versions of Give me Love. Absolutely beautiful.


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livein-freedom: AYO my nigga

hahaha AYO


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